28 Mayıs 2009 Perşembe

and i miss u like the deserts miss the rain..

today was boring.. and it have'nt been ended yet. i felt as im choking every minute. and somehow i heard this song in my head. dont know it may have come from an advertisement of ice-cream. but definetely i found myself gloomy. an hour ago i was in a boat to Besiktas. saw people with their boy/girl friend. i think this is a needing. i need too. i wanna have a boy friend. i wanted to be loved, kissed, hugged by my boy.. yesterday i tested my EQ, result was suck! My every emotional needings are need to be grown. My subconcious is playing with me in dreams, nightmares. In my dreams i always got frightened. at these days' mornings' i find myself breathing deeply and fastly.

people are watching each other. some of them are speaking. i do not think they are listening any thing. even a word..

i wish i would be sea. wish i would be free as sea. wish i would wave how i wanted. sea can kill a man, sea can make a man alive. sea can make you happy, sea can make you weepy.

sea can make missed, sea can make found. this is sea, no one can like it.

i wanna cry, i wanna be satisfied..

we're in Besiktas now!

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An I miss U :)